Hiking for Fitness & Geocaching

Hiking for fitness free ebookMy family and I love to hike during Spring & Summer! Not only is it a wonderful way to bond with your family in nature… It’s health benefits are immeasurable. Hiking is great for the cardiorespiratory system, it helps build endurance and can even help with stress.

There’s nothing like breathing in that fresh clean air when you’re on a hike or getting ready to camp!

During Spring I generally will do several local day hikes with my family.  During this time of year (in my neck of the woods) everything is starting to thaw and bloom.  After being cooped up inside all winter, it’s a great way to stretch your legs and gear up for camping in the Summer!

We prep in the Spring with local “easy hikes” to build endurance and get ready for mountain climbing and camping in the Summer.  It’s always better to prepare yourself and build back that endurance gradually. Then, you can go on more strenuous adventures.

For those of you who are beginner hikers/ campers, I always try to prepare ahead of time before I go on my hike.  This includes such things as what to bring, what to wear and so on…

For more info on preparing to “hike for fitness” be sure to check out my FREE eBook “Hiking for Fitness” please see the link below!Hiking for Fitness local day hikes

Hiking for Fitness FREE e-Book

geocaching in pratts falls
Geocaching at Pratt’s Falls State Park in CNY!


I’m so excited that I have started “Geocaching” (the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website) in a sense, it’s like treasure hunting!

So this month my hubby and I have started geocaching and it is amazing!  So this is yet another way to enjoy the great outdoors.

I’ve also started a blog for geocaching so please stay tuned…