The importance of taking care of yourself!

bed-for sleepSleepless night…

Last night I was determined to get a good nights sleep, I told my cats to let me sleep and  Not wake me up in the middle of the night for a feeding as I was going to get a solid eight hours sleep. They, of course, looked at me with a “yeah right” kind of look and laid down themselves.

So here I was thinking ok I got this it’s 10:30 PM and I have to get up at 6:30 AM to bring my son to school not bad!

Then it started… My rapid heart rate and sleepless night…

This past week I had not gotten the greatest sleep and was out of my superfood shake so I kind of knew that my digestion was going to be a bit out of sorts. I had just completed a clean eating program the week prior, as well as a 3-week exercise program so I honestly figured I would be ok!  But, when you run yourself ragged and you’re not fueling your body right, be it with sleep, healthy eating, or I think more in my case enough water/ sleep (which the cardiologist a while back had told me that I require more water than most), then you run the risk of having health issues.  In my case my heart.

So after midnight I went on my phone and looked different things up relating to my symptoms, which I had done in the past but wondered if there was anything new. There actually was and now I understand even more why water is so important for your heart.

A pounding rapid heart rate when you sleep can be caused by the relaxed blood vessels and blood pressure drop.  This naturally happens while you’re sleeping. But if your blood volume is low, which can be caused by dehydration, your heart has to beat faster and harder to ensure enough blood oxygen is supplied to the organs in the body. This I had not thought about…

water-with lemonIf you’re not dehydrated in the first place this alleviates this particular potential problem. This morning as I type this before going back to sleep for a couple hours as I did not finally fall asleep until around 2:30 AM I am sipping away at my water because I DO NOT EVER want this to happen again. I want to avoid having to be on heart meds if I can, as well as be my healthiest.  This means I have to keep up with my health and fitness for sure!!

Once I am feeling up to it and know I did not do any major damage to my heart I will get back into exercising, but for now, just some basic walking, light hiking and geocaching, and yoga is it!

Another thing that can help, not just your heart but your digestion and other issues relating to sleep insomnia are eating smaller frequent meals throughout the day and nothing too heavy 2-3 hours before sleep.

For me personally, I chug a bit of unsweetened regular almond milk before bed, the magnesium is good for your heart, it helps relax the muscles and generally helps me fall asleep better.

Another reminder, a friend mentioned to me is to make sure if you are dehydrated that you replenish your electrolytes. Bananas and potatoes are high in potassium so this can help, but with any of these suggestions that I mention please always consult with your primary care physician before doing anything new, different in relation to your diet or exercise. Safety first!

In closing, please take care of yourself.  Remember you’re it, there’s no other YOU!

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