Why I decided to go back…

Turn of events…in a good way!

women's fitness trainer fitness blogSo quick backstory, as most of you know I left the corporate world a couple months ago. I started my VA biz and no longer needed the dreaded 9-5! I wanted to also have more time to focus on my fitness training and FINALLY start recording my workout vids for future busy women & boss mom clients… however, I myself was not feeling like I was in the healthiest or best of shape, partially due to the fact that I was busting my hump to make this life altering change for myself and family.

So here I was thinking, “Oh great, how am I suppose to make these fantastic exercise video’s and expect anyone to want a piece of the action, when I am not practicing what I’m preaching?” and that’s how I got to thinking, well sometimes even the best of us fitness trainers need a nudge in the right direction, or to completely reset their intentions and kind of start over.

So there I was about 3 weeks ago thinking all of this. There was also the fact that I really did not have a great place to be recording anything that would be “official”.

Fast-forward to 2 weeks ago and that is when I decided to make a change, but this time instead of half-assing it, I would do it the right way!

healthy chili fitness blogI would dial in my nutrition, this does not mean I would starve myself, or eat in a restricted way where I was cutting food groups because for one that is dangerous and two I don’t have to.  What I would do however is start eating much cleaner and really paying attention to my portions.  Believe it or not, if you eat the right size portions you can still be satisfied! I know this was a shocker, right?? Plus, I actually enjoyed what I was eating still.


exercising on my yoga mat fitness blogOn top of this “clean eating”, I would start an exercise program that I would actually stick to and do every day!  So we all know that habits form in around 3 weeks, and I am happy to say that I am on my third week of exercising and eating right!




geocaching and hiking at Pratt's falls fitness blogThese past two weeks have made me healthier and stronger. So the other day when my hubby and I were out hiking (as we often do) I had no trouble, I wasn’t winded or anything when we had to scramble some pretty steep area while we were geocaching (a new favorite activity while hiking).

So I have decided to start back up with my fitness coaching again.  This way I can share my new journey with my client’s, so they too can reap the healthy rewards that fitness and nutrition can bring!

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