What Exercise & Nutrition has done & will continue to do for me!

20160903_153102.jpgWithin the past year, I was diagnosed with palpitations and precursors for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (Afib).  So basically what this means is that if I don’t take care of myself then there’s a potential for major health issues.

So what does this mean for me?  And why am I telling everyone this?  Well the reason behind my motive is to not only hold myself accountable and really dial in my nutrition and start exercising regularly (and getting proper sleep) but in hopes of encouraging at least some of you out there to do the same, especially if you have health issues!

So as most everyone knows (because I shouted it from the rooftops) 😉 I have been self-employed a (mompreneur as it were) for about a month now.  Within this time frame, I have been busting my hump to make things work, figuring out my client schedule, when to work, when to have family time and so on…

20170116_201139Now, this might sound easy to some but when you have been on the same schedule and in the corporate world for several years, this can take some getting used to.  Not to mention the fact that being a business owner (especially just starting out) you tend to work overtime!

All that being said, this past month even though I hadn’t been stressed in a bad way and I had gotten more sleep over all, I still hadn’t been taking the best care of myself (nutrition & exercise wise).

Fast forward to last night and here’s when the lightbulb moment hit me. Now before I go over last night, isn’t it terrible that we tend to have these “ah ha” moments when sucky things happen instead of great wonderful things happening? Anyway, so there I was getting settled into bed and there go the palpitations… I was like “Oh great” and I switched sides to see if that would help. Long night short it did not help and after trying to get to sleep for almost 5 hours, I finally fell asleep completely propped and sitting up, only being able to get around 4 hours of sleep.

This is when my “ah ha” moment hit, of course when I was feeling like sh*t.

If I actually start taking care of myself again not only will my palpitations be few and far between, I’ll feel better and be able to exercise and do the things that I love! Ding, ding ding!! So as you can see if we actually listen to our bodies and take care of them things like this are less likely to happen.

I’m going to start going to bed at a decent time and eating healthier. Once my chest feels better I’ll start exercising daily again as well!

20170423_113431This leads me to August, last month of Summer. I’m going to be exercising every day (active rest days mixed in) and I’m going to really dial in my nutrition and create a healthy eating plan that’s right for me! No, it won’t be a fad diet or restricting calories, or food groups, just eating healthy! Being a fitness trainer and nutrition coach you’d think I’d have this down pat, but everyone needs a kick in the pants every once in a while!

It’s interesting how hard it can be sometimes to practice what you preach… I know what I’m supposed to do for my health, I just haven’t been sticking to it this month and I’m sick of feeling this way so I’m done making excuses.

I’ll share on my Personal Facebook Page how things are going as well as helpful tips throughout the month of August, so please feel free to follow along!

(P.s in case you’re confused by the pics, they’re reflecting my soon to be healthier eating and hiking for fitness.)



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