Subconscious Sabotage!

textgram_1494119176.pngHave you ever wondered if you are sabotaging your own success?

So I have recently been considering some things in relation to my own health and wellness, along with my business.  After reading up on personal development books recently I have learned that we can be our own worst enemy, and by that, I mean that we can actually stop ourselves from anything that in a sense our subconscious mind is fearful of… I know that’s a lot to take in and makes no sense but hear me out.

So basically our subconscious mind wants to protect us and anything that falls in line with leaving the “comfort zone” is not cool with our subconscious mind.  It’s as if it puts up barriers or tries to protect us, anyway it can!

I think I have been witnessing this strange phenomenon first-hand as of lately.  In my case, I think it relates to eating foods that I probably shouldn’t and not having the willpower to avoid them because I could eat them in the past, but now my body tells me otherwise.

After digging deeply into my own thoughts I have come to the conclusion that I may be “subconsciously” doing this because if I am feeling great, then I have to go through with everything I set out to do, then I would be more successful and more people would count on me, and honestly that kind of scares me! Because if more people are leaning on ME and I fail them then that would suck terribly!

After realizing this though, I know that things cannot stay the same way that they are! I know this because I want to be the successful fitness trainer that I know I can be and help as many busy women and boss moms out there as I can.

Plus I want to be there for my family and have the health and means to travel, hike, camp and anything else that one must be healthy and financially stable to accomplish.

So I hope that this info resonates with some of you out there and helps you realize that YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING!




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