Personal Development

20170407_110356Personal development for the mind!

So what is personal development and how important is it?  Well, not long ago I had these same questions…

It seemed silly to me that by reading a book that some would call (self-help) could broaden the mind and help us work on our goals, in all walks of life.  I used to think these books were just another scheme to make money off of people.  How wrong I was. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE books, but I wasn’t really into self-help or motivational books.  I would soon see the error of my ways!

Not until becoming a fitness coach (along with being a CPT) did I come to realize just how much reading these books for a mere 10 minutes a day could really change the outlook I had on having my own fitness business and my mindset.  It has helped me de-stress and work through any self-doubt about the path that I have chosen as well.

In most of these books, the author is partially trying to help you find you “why” which has to be stronger than your excuses or the whole thing fall to pieces.

Now I have found since reading my most recent addition “Get Over Your Damn Self” by Romi Neustadt, that my why has slightly changed over the past few months.  Now what this means is that my business and I are growing together and I find this to be a wonderful thing.  Because, as your business changes, no matter what area of business you are in, your why must evolve to keep you motivated.  If it doesn’t then you won’t work as hard at it.  With most entrepreneurs, if YOU’RE not working, neither is your business.

So the next time you feel stuck and stressed which is terrible for your health in general might I add… Look for a good PD book and just read a bit of it each day.  I promise you’ll see results in your life if you follow what they say!  Here are some books that I have either read or have been recommended to me!

  • “Get Over Your Damn Self” by Romi Neustadt
  • “The Art of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles
  • “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

Happy reading 🙂

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