Because you never know…

textgramDo your research and consult with your doctor first!

Recently I did what I thought would be a healthy 3 day cleanse.  I was wrong, what should have been healthy for ME was not.  Instead, I endured several days of a distended inflamed abdomen with acute palpitations and IBS issues.

Basically, I did not do my research, nor did I consult with my physician about the medication that I was taking.  I honestly thought nothing of it because I wasn’t taking anything that should have had a bad reaction.  Nexium was fine, my birth control again fine, I didn’t consider the medicine I was taking for my skin, Spironolactone. This particular medication with prolonged use can lead to heightened levels of potassium.  I had been fine up until this point so I never thought about it before doing a cleanse.

So I started the cleanse and felt terrible but thought that was what I was supposed to feel like as the side effects did state that you could feel very gassy and bloated (basically, it was doing its job to flush out your system).  By the second day, I had not improved and was not feeling very “cleansed” at all and nothing was leaving my system… By the second night I was also having terrible palpitations while trying to fall asleep and over the course of the next couple days wouldn’t get much sleep at all.

I then went to my cardiologist to learn that my medication along with the build up of everything in my system and too much water (can you believe that one) had caused my electrolyte levels to be all out of whack and all over the place.  The doctor was not at all surprised that my body reacted the way it did and that I had palpitations, due to the fluctuating levels of sodium, magnesium, and potassium. He said my heart is strong and the fiber just had to leave my system and my electrolytes would level back off eventually.  So I just had to wait it out.

I now also know that straight fiber does not mix well with my body.  I can have things with fiber or a mix of foods with fiber in them, but straight fiber with my previous IBS issues just feeds the fire so-to-speak! So I have since learned a lot from this experience.  See even the pro’s don’t always think of everything 🙂

Fortunately, my heart is strong and my stomach is working itself out and I should be good as new in no time!  Luckily I know how to take care of my body so the recovery from this won’t be too bad.

I hope my experience and story reminds everyone to be cautious and do research, as well as consulting with their physician before starting anything fitness or nutrition related because you just never know!

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