How to choose a Personal Trainer!

textgram_1489708921When it comes to choosing a Personal Trainer there are quite a few things to take into consideration.  So let’s go over some basics to get you started!

First off, not all personal trainers are created equal.  You want to make sure you do your research and pick one that has some credentials.  I always recommend that you find someone that has some sort of certification.  That way you know they have at least had some formal training.

Also, if you fall under the “special population” (hypertensive, diabetic, elderly, pre/post natal etc) category you want to make sure that they have more than just a basic understanding.  Now I’m not saying that you have to go out and break the bank on Mr. or Mrs. Ph.D. x2 in Exercise Science, with 20+ years experience (unless you want to), all I’m saying is make sure they really know what they’re doing and aren’t some hack!

Sometimes looking into new and upcoming trainers can be a good thing as well (such as myself) because they don’t charge as much and usually are keeping up with all of the newest fitness programs. I know personally that I’m always researching what works and doesn’t as well as any changes in the fitness & nutrition industry, to better serve my clients.  Especially the ones that require a specially tailored program! Also, I will turn people away if they are out of my area of expertise or scope of practice.  Everyone’s safety should be a top priority.

So here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Do your homework, don’t just pick anyone.
  2. Look into recommendations, as well as testimonials.
  3. Look into the trainer’s backstory and see if it resonates with you.
  4. Make sure they have a certification to suit their client basis.
  5. If you are considered a “special population” or have a chronic illness, make sure they are equipped to handle it.
  6. Remember, you have to feel confident and comfortable with your choice!

I hope this helped those of you out there struggling to find your perfect trainer 🙂

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