Becoming a Mompreneur!

The struggles!

Picture_20161001_185441195.jpgSo I know there are a lot of mompreneurs out there and can I just say that this is WONDERFUL!!  But, I also know that this can be a huge struggle.  Especially just starting out.  A lot of moms decide to become entrepreneurs and have their own business to be home with their kids more while still helping provide for their family.  So how would one get started on this venture you might ask…

I myself decided a couple years ago that I would start working towards this goal.  My son is 15 now and granted I don’t have daycare issues or anything like that, I still like to be able to attend school functions, help with homework and get in some family time!

Currently, his father and I work somewhat opposite schedules and during the Summertime this can be especially hard when trying to plan outings for day/weekend hiking & camping trips.

So working towards giving up the 9-5 to pursue my dream of fitness training and wellness coaching had to be in the forefront of my mind!

None of this is easy mind you, it takes lots of prep & planning, deciding what niche you want to work with (this bodes true for many entrepreneurial businesses) and really hone in on your skillset and what you want to help people with.

So I currently work on my biz during off hours, evenings when I have time and weekends (again when I have time).  The thing is, if you want to work towards your career choice, you have to make the time!  If you want it bad enough, you have to go after it!

Another key in helping you along the way is to develop relationships and surround yourself with like-minded people.  These people will help boost your confidence and you can bounce ideas off of them as well.

If you’re looking for like-minded people, there are great communities on social media to help encourage and support one and other!

You just have to remember why you’re doing this and keep plugging along!  Don’t lose sight of you “why” and everything else will fall into place, as long as you work at it and do your part!

Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight but every baby step will move you in the right direction and then before you know it, you’ll be the mompreneur you always knew you could be! 🙂

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