How to find time for your health!

                                                    So how do we find time for us?

textgramLet’s face it, as busy parents, it is usually a huge challenge to find the time to not only work out but eat right!!  We get up each day get the kids ready for school while getting ourselves ready for work. Then it’s time to stuff something in our faces and rush out the door! 

Of course, at work, there’s the convenient vending machine and coffee with cream and sugar to fill us up with unhealthy calories!  Then we rush to pick everyone up on our way out of work and finally get home.  Who at this point has the energy to make a proper homemade healthy meal?  “After all that?  You must be joking!”

Does this sound familiar?  That was my life too believe me!  That was before I discovered how much better I could help myself and my family feel once I took the time (which was always there) to prep food, get better sleep, drink my superfood shake and exercise regularly!

Now mind you it didn’t happen over night and I still am working on it, but it’s gotten much better and I feel healthier than I have in years.  I’m more productive in life and I’m honestly happier 🙂

So how did I accomplish this you might ask? Well for starters learning what I should be eating was the first step.  Being a CPT I thought I should really get a handle on nutrition as well!  I have since learned what works for me and what doesn’t (obviously within the standard nutrition guidelines).  This involved buying more fresh whole foods, as well as meal planning on the weekend, for the week ahead.  This cut down on eating unhealthy snacks at work. I now always have healthy snacks on hand at my desk (plus it saves me $$ because I’m not perusing the vending area).

I also started cooking healthy homemade meals more.  I’m fortunate that my hubby loves to cook and is damn good at it too 😉  So for the most part, I really haven’t had to make many meals myself and frankly, I don’t care to cook for the most part, so I wasn’t complaining.  But now, I actually enjoy making new meals.  I have been making my family dinner much more these days!

So when I get groceries on the weekend I try my very best to plan lunches for the week ahead.  Then on Sunday I prep for the week!  It may take me an hour but it really cuts down on preparing my food for that workweek.

After completing my most recent exercise program that was literally 3 weeks long (it takes 3 weeks to break a bad habit/ create a new healthy one 😉 I now cannot go without exercising!  Luckily I can get a great workout done in about 30 minutes each day.  Honestly, who doesn’t have at least 30 minutes that they can spare? We all have the same amount of time in the day, the key is time management.

I have certainly gotten better at this, although I’m not going to lie, it has been a process. After creating these healthy habits, I can’t live without them.  I feel healthier and I know it’s reflected out to everyone who knows me!  I find that I’m not horribly exhausted after work so I can find more time to do the things I love, like hanging out with my family, and working on my fitness business while still keeping the house clean 😉

Bottom line, it can be done!  You just have to make the decision to give yourself the time needed to create a healthier lifestyle, break those bad habits, create new healthier ones and it all starts to fall into place.



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