The Fitness Life!

img_20161003_102640The Fitness Life!!

So to start this blog off right I’m going to give you my backstory (I’m a sucker for a good backstory ;))

I have suffered from acid reflux, a Hiatal hernia, and digestive issues since I was in my teens.  I had been to the gastroenterologist several times over the years and placed on acid reducer medication, had tests run on me for thyroid issues as well…All the doctors would say is “Well you don’t really seem to have anything wrong with you, despite all of your symptoms, eat more bran and take laxatives, it’s clearly IBS”…..Now mind you I have always been a relatively thin, active person and eaten pretty well.

So years later, somewhat present time…I thought one of the best ways I could really make a difference in my health involved exercising more and trying to eat even healthier than I already was.  This still did not correct my IBS issues, though it did help my acid reflux some (though I still take Nexium once a day).

Last year I decided that enough was enough and I would get my Personal Trainer Certification, not only to learn more and become healthier inside and out for myself but to help others as well.  I couldn’t imagine that I was the only one struggling to lose those last few pounds and regain my health!!

So after receiving my CPT in 2015 I still didn’t give it my all but instead made several attempts of half a**ing it, without proper results.

Early last year I was consuming way too much caffeine to try and negate my chronic migraines and fight sleep deprivation, due to trying to keep my schedule and my families conflicting schedule.  It was a mess and my body would soon retaliate to the point that I would wind up in the hospital with a consistent high heart rate and need to see the Cardiologist…To then learn that I would have to give up caffeine FOREVER!!!

That was a real eye opener…The thought of giving up the only thing keeping me sane and awake was almost too much to bear… I had tried foodie methods of natural caffeine, to no avail!!

Present day and only about 6 months ago I was introduced to a health & fitness program that would change my life in ways I never knew possible!!

Through a Facebook group, I was introduced to someone who had already started on a health & fitness journey through “said fitness program” She was patient and slowly eased me into the program.  I started it, not knowing that it would correct my health issues like nothing else had…

The program involved committing without fail to exercise daily and consume the healthiest nutrient dense shake (aka healthiest meal of the day) that tasted AMAZING!! This shake I later learned would correct my digestive issues, which then, in turn, corrected a vast majority of the other issues that I did not realize were being caused by my digestive issues… Apparently, the many doctors that I had gone to over the years never put 2 & 2 together either…

I started the shake much like the pre-set program told me to do, along with exercising for 30 minutes a day and watching my portions with the healthy food I consumed daily.  I didn’t know that after just the first week, by drinking this shake for breakfast each morning it would give me the energy that my body craved (due to no more caffeine)…I just drank it because it tasted great and I was supposed to according to my new program.  I knew it was healthy and packed full of pre/ probiotics, superfruit, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, protein, amino acids, adaptogens and the list goes on….

What I did know is that if I wasn’t completely satisfied I got my money back!

After that first month, I no longer felt the need for caffeine and my migraines had almost completely gone away.  To this day (6 months later) I might get a migraine a month, if that and it’s usually at a certain time of the month 😉  I was getting them several times a week, if not daily for many years before this!

So here I was starting this new healthy venture which I would soon realize ties into my CPT life quite nicely!

Now that my lengthy backstory is out of the way haha, I just wanted everyone to know how and why I’m on this journey!  If I can help even one woman with her health and fitness, to feel better about themselves, find time for themselves and maybe pass this along to others then I have done my job!!


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