• Are you a mom who’s low on time, but still wants to become healthier?
  • Do you find yourself making excuses instead of working out?
  • Are you overwhelmed by how much information is out there, relating to fitness and nutrition?
  • Do you find yourself binging on snacks late at night?
  • Maybe you workout but ruin your efforts because of poor                                                        eating habits!  If this sounds like you then I can help!

Hi, my name is Jennifer Potts.  I’m a CPT (certified personal fitness trainer) and Beachbody Coach, who specializes in women’s fitness and nutrition training, online!  I am on a journey with my clients, to help them find a happier & healthier total lifestyle change.

With obesity and disease on the rise, it’s so important that we turn to a healthier lifestyle, full of exercise and proper nutrition.  The key is to find a balance and be able to adapt and create healthy habits that you can keep up with long-term.  This is where I come in and help out!!

There are so many ways to reach these healthy goals and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another.. Plus, it can get overwhelming to figure out on your own (especially for busy moms) so with my guidance and support, I can help you get there!

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